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My recommendation for a classic Sumatra coffee that highlights the flavors of the wet hulled process is Indo Jaya Mas Coffee Beans. This coffee is a classic rich and full body Sumatra with flavors that you would expect like dark chocolate, fudge, pipe tobacco, and a slight spicy finish. There also subtle sweet fruit and notes of lavender in this coffee that make it intricate and delicious.

Mary Smith

Sumatra has the earliest harvest season in Indonesia due to it's location as the northwestern most island. We've already received new crops from Sumatra and can't wait to try more! There are several regions in Sumatra that produce specialty grade coffee including Mandheling, Lintong and Aceh, all of which are located in northern Sumatra. Mandheling coffee is produced around Lake Toba, one of the deepest lakes in the world. Named for the local population of the region, it has become synonymous with Sumatran coffee; spicy, complex and syrupy. The Lintong region is southwest of Lake Toba and has a reputation for a more earthy profile. The northernmost region is Aceh, also known as Gayo or Gayo Mountain. Grown near Lake Tawar, coffee from Aceh is generally considered to be the cleanest, or least complex of the three with a bit less body and more finely tuned acidity. Almost all of the coffee from Sumatra is processed in the traditional wet-hull method, though occasionally we get a couple lots of natural processed coffee which is typically even more complex with intense juicy, fruity flavors.

Skyler Adelson

The best Indonesian coffees come from the prime coffee-growing region of Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Java Arabica. In general these coffees are known for their full-bodied, rich taste and vibrant yet low-toned and gentle acidity, and long finish/aftertaste. Sumatra is the largest producer of Indonesian coffee. Meanwhile, the island of Sumatra is known for its varied roasts. Among the most popular is the darker Arabica variety grown in Northern Sumatra.  There are hints of flavors that come from smoke, tobacco, cocoa, cedar and earth. If you travel in Sumatra, you will notice that the coffee is a bit acidic. You can visit Gayo Mountain, Mangkuraja, and Lintongnihuta regions in Sumatra and immerse yourself in the coffee production industry.

Kris Michaels

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