Have you ever heard of the terms Long Black and Americano, what is interesting is that the composition of this coffee drink is the same, with different serving methods. If Long Black prioritizes water then espresso, while Americano prefers espresso which is then poured water into the cup. This is the uniqueness of a coffee dish, different methods of presentation, different names and history. Likewise Cortado, although at first glance it is almost similar to Machiato and Cappuccino, what distinguishes them is the ratio of milk used.

IS Cortado a line of caffè latte offerings, so to speak. However, if the definition of caffè latte refers to the ratio of milk used, Cortado may not be included in the latte category. Cortado very commonly uses a 1: 1 ratio when making it. One shot of espresso used will be the same amount of milk used to make a cup of Cortado.

This dish from Spain is very familiarly served with cups made of glass or metal, it is very rare for cortado dishes to be served with cups made of ceramic. Unlike the latte, which requires optimal frothed milk to display the art texture on the surface of the coffee serving. The milk used does not require too much froth, only just enough.

The story behind this Cortado dish still leaves a vague story. Literally, cortado means to cut "cutting", from the Spanish "cortar". The story is developing, why is this dish named cortar, the intention is that by adding milk to the espresso dish it will be able to cut the sour taste in coffee, so there is a sweet sensation from the milk. Maybe coffee connoisseurs will wonder what is the difference between Cortado and Flat White, and which one is more delicious.

If you talk about the ratio of milk used, you will definitely argue, Cortado and Flat White are no different. The Flat White dish is indeed almost similar to Cortado, not to mention the Flat White dish is very often served in glass cups similar to the Cortado dish. And at first glance, it won't be obvious the difference between Cortado and Flat White, but actually these two dishes are different. Cortado comes from Spain, while Flat White is originally from Australia, in Australia the spread of coffee, according to the story, coffee developed from the serving technique brought by immigrants from Italy. So the Flat White dish, uses foam milk which produces a frothy texture to add to espresso. Meanwhile, Cortado, although the composition is the same as espresso and milk, uses heated milk instead of foam milk.

In simple terms, Cortado is generally served in a 150-200ml glass cup, using steamed milk without excess foam, arguably just heated milk.

But then another question arises about Cortado, then what is the difference between Cortado and Gibraltar. From the reddit forum, explaining that actually Cortado and Gibraltar are no different, this naming changes because of the cup used. It is named Gibraltar when the cortado is served in a gibraltar glass, and called cortado when it is served with any cup about 5-7oz, about 150-200ml.


Making Cortado definitely requires preparation of the composition of the dish, is espresso and milk which are important ingredients. That means providing espresso and milk in the kitchen at home. To make Cortado dishes at home is not difficult, not to mention there are lots of flexible and hassle-free coffee tools when you want to make espresso at home. Like Rok Presso or Flair Espresso Maker, it is very suitable to meet the needs of espresso in our homes. Now, after providing espresso, then we have to prepare the milk as an ingredient to produce Cortado.

Prepare a single espresso with your favorite coffee tool

Provide milk with a 1: 1 ratio to espresso (optional 1: 2 espresso to milk ratio)

Heat milk using the Steam Wand on the Bellman Stove Top, no need to be too foamy (or heat it using a stove with a temperature that feels right, not too much foam)

And then, put the espresso in a 150-200ml cup, then pour the milk that has been provided by using a spoon to inhibit the rate of micro foam created from the previous milk preparation.

After all of the milk has been added, it is the turn of the micro foam to be placed on the surface of the coffee serving. And be Cortado.

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